Happy New Year!

As the New Year unfolds, I challenge you to make family meals a priority for 2012! Strive for at least 1-2 days a week where your family joins together for a meal. It will make a difference! Involve your children, young or old, in the process!

Some suggestions ~

1.Have your children take turns being in charge of 1 meal a week.
2.Involve your children in meal decisions as you plan your weekly menus. They will be more likely to enjoy the meals you fix!
3.Have a family devotion or topical discussion. There are so many good resources for devotions and meaningful family conversations. While they may not always “go the way you’d like”, you are creating memories!

Do a google search or check out some of the ones I have suggested below.I let my children decide which one they want to do. They will take turns selecting a reading/devotion for the night.

Happy New Year!

Table Talk ~ Conversation cards for the entire family
The Family Dinner Box of Question ~ Cards to create great conversations
Family Moments ~ Making an investment with a priceless return
Tough Topics~ 600 questions that will take you beneath the surface
Not-So-Quiet- Times 240 Devotions based on the words of Jesus
Dare 2B Wise by Joe White
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The Books Below are available in more than one Volume
One Year Book of Family Devotions
One Year Book of Devotions for Kids
Sticky Situations
Josh McDowells One Year Book of Youth Devotions

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